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In this inverted world, strange lifeforms live above an endless drop. It is a treacherous journey for all who dare attempt to traverse it.

A dark world that faced a disaster long ago, Strands is a planet that has been inverted. An atmosphere of rock and a core of air, the local sun doesn't penetrate through. As such, bioluminescent creatures and plants thrive, feeding on chemicals and each other. Food is scarce, however, and shells seem to be such tasty meals…

Being an inverted world full of dangerous enemies, lots of rare and great items can be found within from previous fallen visitors. A merchant makes their home here, too, and will sell you Secondary Equipment that they scavenge up. However, a wrong step and you'll fall into the void, and Slinkies, Gnats, and Polaris can wipe out groups in minutes if they're not careful or properly geared. Watch your step!

Strands can be accessed by any one of its numerous doorways in Eschaton.


ALT Redshift Repeater ALT Synthetic Frag ALT Voracious Blast ALT Augmented Talons ALT Augmented Jerkin
ALT Soidal Repeater ALT Swarm Cluster ALT Forceful Blast ALT Berserker
ALT Sapphire Skein ALT Keen Aesc ALT Daedal Warp ALT Augmented Trackers ALT Augmented Hyrst
ALT Gnawing Aesc ALT Berserker
ALT Sinful Sledge ALT Insidious Kyeser ALT Banded Mantlet ALT Augmented Sabatons ALT Augmented Plating
ALT Baculus ALT Berserker
ALT Fellwhip Dancer ALT Mocking Antiphon ALT Inveterate Macron ALT Augmented Valenki ALT Augmented Woven
ALT Gavotte



The boss of Strands is generally known to players as Polaris. Its room consists of a large number of platforms, with the normal instant death drop at the bottom for Strands.

Polaris itself is a large, flying worm. Its mouth is an instant death for players, while the rest of its body- including the hook beneath its mouth- do a large amount of damage. Its arrival is prefaced by a light on the side of the screen, giving players time to move vertically to escape the beast. The main body of the boss is armored.

Polaris releases spores from its body while glowing snakes come in from the edges of the room. Both of these increase as the boss fight progresses. As the snakes respawn very quickly when killed, it may be more beneficial at times to leave them alive so that you don't get caught off-guard by a newly-spawned snake.

As the boss progresses, it also become faster in its approaches. Eventually, it will have two sides of its body on the screen it once- this may only leave players a small amount of room in between the sides within which to move. Once the boss is defeated, it goes up in explosions before disappearing when it has completely gone past. Snakes may still be left for players to deal with.

Note that the amount of damage required for the boss fight to progress is no longer as low as it used to be. With snakes a constant threat, killing the boss quickly will reduce the time that you have to deal with endless snakes.

The boss can drop any standard tier three equipment up to Experimental level. It can also drop the following exotic equipment: Soidal Repeater, Swarm Cluster, Forceful Blast, Gnawing Aesc, Baculus, Berserker and Gavotte.


There are two secrets in Strands, One is looking in a tree that is marked with a tiny opening and the partial outside is discolored. The second secret is a door that leads to a shop with prices ranging from 6000 to 9000 EC.

Strategy Guides Specific to Strands:

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