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Eschaton Station is a zone in the game Starbreak.

Eschaton is a peaceful zone where all players on a server can see each other. Eschaton contains three shops, a training dummy, and doorways to most other zones, including an elevator to Home.

Eschaton can be accessed by using the doorway in your home. Additionally, doorways to Eschaton can be found at the beginning and end of each dungeon.

If time runs out during a Star Cathedral run, all players still inside will be kicked back here (living shells do not die if this happens).

EC Shop

The most useful shop in Eschaton, sometimes referred to colloquially as the EschaShop, offers items that help you rebound from death more quickly at the cost of Eschaton Credits. It is located to the right of the monolith and holds 12 items at a time, some of which may be duplicates.

Shop Inventory

  • Level 1 Boost (all types): 50 EC
  • Stock Standard Equipment: (100 * tier) EC
  • Modified Standard Equipment: (300 * tier) EC
  • Custom Standard Equipment: (600 * tier) EC

Hat Shop

To the left of the elevator to Home, one finds the Hat Shop, which offers four different temporary hats at a time for purchase with UC. Hats, when purchased, are bound to the current shell and are lost forever if the shell dies. Different hats can be worn by different shells, and stock refreshes on a daily basis.

Shop Inventory

  • Temporary Hat: 5 UC

UC Kiosk

The UC Kiosk is a convenient way to open up the UC purchasing interface. It is located to the left of the Hat Shop.

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