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Stats determine many things in Starbreak, such as damage done or taken. Each shell can get more stats via boosts or equipment, with each specializing in an area, such as Ironclad with defense and Duskwing with crits. The following is a list of the stats and an explanation:

Health: Health is how much damage you can take before you die. Currently, it can only be increased by Boosts or Implants

Ammo: Ammo is how many times you can use your secondary. It can be increased via boosts or modifiers found on secondaries or Implants

Damage: Damage is a percent increase that effects how much any damaging action does, such as your main or ability. It can be increased via modifiers, boosts, or implants

Armor: How much damage is reduced when taken. Armor is currently calculated by 1 damage negated for the first point of defense, and for ever 4 after up to 60%. For example, a projectile that does 10 damage will only do 4 to a shell with 21 armor. Armor can be found naturally on some equipment, with more given via mods, boosts, and implants. (Be aware that

Speed: How fast you move left and right when not using Specials. Can be found on equipment and gained by collecting boosts.

Jump: More of this means that you can cover a greater vertical distance while jumping, regardless of the current gravity factor. This can be increased via boosts, implants, and some items.

Crit Chance: How often you can land a critical hit. Mods, boosts, implants, and some equipment can increase this stat

Crit Damage: Modifies the damage a critical hit does. Can be found on mods, boosts, and some items, including implants.

The above stats are all affected by boosts, and one can track their boost progress via the character sheet (C key on keyboard, Right Stick click on controller). There are other stats, however, which cannot be (directly) improved with boosts, but show up in the Status window on the left side whenever the Inventory is open:

Name: Not really a stat, but this is what other people will see underneath your character. If [Unknown] is in this slot, you will instead show up as New Spark to others.

Level: Your current account level. This is mainly used to determine which shells you can access and can be increased by gaining experience from death up to your current Max Level. This shows up to others in brackets to the left of your name.

Max Level: Your current account level cap. This starts at 2 and increases by 1 for every mission you complete for the first time, including the tutorial.

Shell: Your current shell. There are seven possibilities for this: Ancient, Spark, Wildfire, Duskwing, Ironclad, Fabricator, and Toaster (the last one is only possible via admin commands).

MK: This is a measure of your current shell's power level. Increased by filling all slots in a column of your character sheet with the appropriate boosts.

Air Jumps: Self-explanatory. Only granted by (Aeonic) Empyreals.

Knockback Resist: How much the knockback caused by non-environmental damage is reduced. Granted by the appropriate modifiers on Ironclad Mains and Specials as well as by (Inferior) Firites implants.

This last stat, though it does not show up in the Status window, is still worth a mention:

Gravity Factor: Determines the portion of gravitational force experienced by the current shell. By default this is at 100%, but it can be reduced by equipping Lightfoot (exclusive to Fabricator).

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