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Modifiers, found on equipment as lines of green text, cause various effects, such as increased crit chance, increased shot count, or increased fire rate/decreased cycle time. The prefix of a weapon is determined by how many modifiers it has:

Modified: 1 Modifier

Custom: 2 Modifiers

Experimental: 3 Modifiers

Prototype: 4+ Modifiers (Prototype items with 5+ modifiers can only be obtained via admin commands.)

Depending on the zone, the max amount of modifiers on equipment can vary.

Minion Loot:

Normal: Stock and Modified Standard Items

Elite: Modified and Custom Standard Items

Mid-boss Loot:

Normal: Modified and Custom Standard Items

Elite: Custom and Experimental Standard Items

Secret Loot:

Normal: Stock Exotic Items

Elite: Modified Exotic Items



Normal: Custom and Experimental Items

Elite: Experimental and Prototype Items


Normal: Stock, Modified, Custom, and Experimental Items

Elite: Modified, Custom, Experimental, and Prototype Items

The following is a list of modifiers and what they do:









Base Crit Chance Base Crit Damage Movement Speed +Blockers

  • +Armor Pierce: Damage dealt by weapon and/or its projectiles now ignore all partial damage reduction (armored enemies normally reduce damage from all sources by 50%)
  • +Range: Increases the distance in pixels traveled by a weapon's projectiles
  • +(Object): Adds additional objects (Applies for Shots, Dances, Shrapnel, etc). In particular, +Shrapnel adds 5 bullets to Macron explosions which each deal 50% of explosion damage.
  • +Bounce: Allows the projectile to bounce one (more) time, resetting range upon contact of a wall and/or floor.
  • Penetrating: Allows projectile to go through enemies
  • Explosive Ammo: Projectile lingers as a small explosion for a short time at the end of its range. (Enemies already damaged by the projectile before the explosion will not be damaged by the explosion.)
  • +Precision: Projectiles no longer spread during continuous fire of a Repeater
  • Quick Shot: Increases rate of fire for ranged weapons
  • +Max Ammo: Increases the max ammo of a secondary by a certain amount (only applies while it is equipped, but it is multiplied by Bandolier ammo multipliers if present)
  • Incendiary: Explosions are replaced by flames that cause 50% of weapon damage every 500 milliseconds. Flames last for 2 seconds before disappearing.
  • Barbed: Frags now deal 50% of weapon damage to the first enemy they touch directly.
  • Trisected: Triples the amount of projectiles/explosions produced (Macrons have this as an innate trait)
  • +Air Blast/Warp: Allows the use of a Blast/Warp again in the air.
  • +Base Crit Chance: Adds additional chance to crit with any weapon
  • +Base Crit Damage: Adds additional damage multiplier to crits caused by any weapon
  • +Jump Height: Increases the upward velocity of a shell when jumping
  • +Move Speed: Increases the horizontal velocity of a shell when moving left and right
  • +Damage: Increases the damage of any weapon by a percent (additive with other damage bonuses)
  • +Armor: Increases defense of a shell
  • +Crit Chance: Increases the chance to crit on just the weapon with the modifier
  • +Crit Damage: Increases the damage multiplier of a crit caused by just the weapon with the mod (additive with base crit damage)
  • +Spin Time: Increases the maximum time of a Duskwing's jump attack
  • +Extra Hit: Melee weapon hits an additional time (For Duskwing, only applies on ground attacks)
  • +Leech: Ground attacks heal the Duskwing for 1 HP per strike on most enemies (the extra hit from Extra Hit mod does not count as a strike for Leech purposes)
  • +Simultaneous: Allows more instances of a projectile or object to be out at one time
  • +Speed: Projectile (or in the cases of Warps and Mantlets, the Duskwing or Ironclad) moves faster
  • +Lifetime: Increases the time a projectile can be out before it expires. Alternately, increases the maximum time of a single warp or dive-kick.
  • +Swing Speed: Increases the execution speed of a melee weapon's attack animations.
  • +Knockback Resist: Projectile and contact damage cause less knockback (additive with itself). If the total becomes 100% or greater, character becomes immune to damage-based knockback.
  • +Height: The Preceptor's wave has a maximum of this many projectiles stacked on top of each other.
  • +Acceleration: Increases rate at which projectile (or the Ironclad) reaches max speed
  • Seeking: Projectile now homes in on enemies
  • Reflect: Causes projectiles to be returned in the general direction of where it came at great speed
  • -Cycle Time: Reduces time between consecutive damage ticks
  • +Radius: Increases size of area covered by a projectile or set of projectiles
  • Armored: Decreases damage from all sources by 50%. Only active for Antiphons while still in flight; always active for Mangonels.
  • Quick Summon: Cuts summoning time in half, reducing it to 500 milliseconds.
  • +Blockers: The item has (additional) small orbs with innate Shielded attribute
  • Shielded: Object now destroys non-piercing projectiles on contact.
  • -Gravity: The effect of gravity on the Fabricator while Lightfoot is equipped is reduced further than usual.
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