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Home is a zone in the game StarBreak.

Each players has a home that only they can enter. The home consists of a large area with many decorations, an entrance to Eschaton via elevator, and shell dispensers as well as four shell storage vats and eight item storage chests, each able to store six items.

The first shell dispenser, which allows the Spark to manifest as a Wildfire, is always available to use. The second, third, and fourth shell dispensers, unlocked at levels 3, 5, and 7, allow the Spark to manifest as Duskwing, Ironclad, and Fabricator, respectively.

Each player starts with one item storage chest already unlocked. Each item storage chest after the first costs 40 UC to unlock, and each shell storage vat costs 95 UC to unlock.

Home can be accessed by pressing the Home Key (Default H) and waiting 10 seconds (2 seconds if in Spark form) without moving or taking damage. The channeling time is waived in Eschaton or Home and in a short period just after entering any mission. Players can also use the elevator to the left of the fountain in Eschaton.

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