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Brink is a zone in the game StarBreak. It is the first zone that new players visit and the only zone that cannot be revisited once completed on a character. It is also one of the few zones without any procedurally generated elements.

Set in a time eons before the present time of StarBreak, this tutorial level is set on one of the many ships of mankind as they are engaged in battle with the forces of the Watcher in a last-stand defense of planet Earth. For the duration of this zone, the player controls an Ancient, presumably one of the last organic humans remaining. As the player navigates through the monster-infested ship, they learn about movement, looting mechanics, and ways to aim and use mains and seconds. Observant players will see a multitude of dead Ancients in the background as they progress.

After a boss fight (which awards the Brink deed once completed, increasing max level from 4 to 5) and a monster corridor, the player arrives at the ship's bridge, where a mysterious figure awaits. Shooting this alien causes it to look toward the Ancient and then warp out of the ship, triggering the destruction of Earth and the annihilation of mankind, including the Ancient, probably due to the use of a Star Cathedral.

Time then skips to the present day as the Ancient is resurrected on Eschaton Station as a synthetic soul called a Spark. A portal to Eschaton Station proper opens once the Spark uses the provided vat to manifest as a Wildfire shell, which is one of several kinds of synthetic bodies that Sparks can inhabit to gain useful abilities. Taking the portal ends the tutorial.

Strategy Guides Specific to Brink:

MrClassico's Guide to Speedrunning Brink (Tutorial)

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