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List of things that need to be done:

Priority: Add new equipment sprites, damage, and add details on the new mod system

  1. Enemy Damage calcs
  2. Enemy HP calcs
  3. Basically fill out enemy stuff, m'kay?
  4. Get assets. Shell, enemy, and item sprites are needed- high quality preferred
  5. Restructure the Wiki. Something mainly N will be doing, but help will be appreciated. Basically, have a more logical 'tree' of getting around. Want to know about the enemies of the Fire Forest? Go to Zones, click Fire Forest, and then click on the enemy's name/picture on that page. Same for items. Go Shells > Fabby > Dancer. But should all Dancers be included under a general Dancer page? Each Dancer get it's own page? Questions to figure out…
  6. Get weapon damage and modifiers down
  7. Make enemy names 'Official'- I've been using the names that I've heard the Crunchies call many enemies, such as Goblings and Teen Worm, but it's all up the the players. I feel like many enemies (Sauron, Lobster, ATST, etc) need more creative names that don't reference other material, for the sake of lore and to avoid wallbreaking.
  8. Fill out all pages with info, and add more to existing pages. This is especially true for the links on the front page. On top of this, more specific pages, especially for enemies and weapons, are missing or link elsewhere.
  9. Link the wiki up. Anywhere that something is mentioned that has a page on it, but doesn't link to that page, make it so. Just put the word in between two brackets, and the url in between two parenthesis like so
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