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Smashy's Guide for Going Elite in the Fire Forest

After your first few deaths, Fire Forest starts to become a bit more than a bump in the road to starting a new character, especially if you're using your stash to start with a good t1 (or even t2) weapon. Going for the elite version of Fire Forest will bring that challenge right back, but provides even greater rewards.

Wait, where is Elite Fire Forest?

Right above the shop in Eschaton. You can hop on some of the stuff on the shop to help get there. Elite Fire Forest is the leftmost red portal once you get up there. There's a couple of extra portals about, but this is the simplest one to reach.

Why bother with the Elite version?

A few reasons, actually. Perhaps the biggest reason is the enhanced stat drop rate. I have taken a fresh character into Elite Fire Forest and walked out Mk II in just one good run. At the very least expect to walk out at least halfway but usually most of the way to Mk II. The other big reason is prototype (4-mod) T1 gear which can only drop in Elite, especially for Wildfires and their Arblast. The final reason is that Elite Fire Forest counts separate from Fire Forest for deeds, so hey bigger number next to your name :)

Gearing Up

Don't go into Elite Fire Forest stock. I highly recommend at least filling up your Body and Mobility slots and having a decent T1 main weapon. Wildfires in particular should make sure they have one Penetrating or Explosive Shot repeater on hand.

Enemy Changes

Universally, the damage and health of the enemies are increased, especially damage. Most attacks do 20 damage to 0 armor, enough to four-shot a base health Wildfire!

Spike Pit

These are up to 25 damage a hit, and tend to be in more annoying spots. As long as you don't rush these still shouldn't be a huge threat.

Purple Gobling

The bullets are fired slightly faster and more often, but Elite didn't make these guys too much tougher.

Pink Gobling

Biggest threat of all of the normal mobs right here. They launch their bombs much further and now fire three at once. The increased range makes them very devastating when they're at the top of a vertical climb, and they can now bounce shots down the cliff onto unsuspecting shell's heads. If you're unlucky enough to be hit by the explosion instead of the bomb, it does 25 base damage. The only good news is that Ironclads can block the shots in midair. Do not be afraid to spend your ammo weapons if these things are in a tricky position.

Gobling Bull

Practically unchanged from normal.

Gobling Alpha Male

The only new monster in Elite. They charge you like Bulls, but have a shielded front that blocks attacks. Ironclads and Duskwings can melee these no problem and Fabricator Dances can linger through the shielded front, but Wildfires will have to reach for a weapon modded with Penetrating or Explosive ammo or use a well-timed Blast to kill these quickly.

Gobling Nest

Practically unchanged from normal, except for density in the second half of the forest: Up to three Nests can spawn together. Wildfires, make sure you have penetrating to spawnkill everything when the Nest dies, or you may find an Alpha Male blocking your shots!


Practically unchanged from normal.


If the Pink Gobling became public enemy #1 in Elite, these guys are public enemy #2. Their shots travel much further, giving them a lot of area coverage. Pairs of spiders can quickly flood an area in pink bubbles, and they still love to be in small pits that they can launch shots out of from safety.

Spider Bomber

These enemies will now pick a single point and aim all three bombs of a sweep at that point. This actually makes it rather easy to nail them during their first sweep, but a critical mass of Bombers (and one of the chest setups is a Spider with three Bombers overhead) or a bomber at the top of a climb can turn nightmarish in a hurry.

Pink Hopper

Practically unchanged from normal except faster.


Practically unchanged from normal.

MIDBOSS: Hopper Queen

The fireball attacks are the same as before, but the queen now spawns onj3vg0.png_22_22 Brown Hoppers that act just like Pink Hoppers except about half-sized. Simply aiming attacks for the queen's mouth can quickly neutralize these, and they're easy to kill if they do land.

BOSS: Leaping Lobster

Good news: Its patterns (even after the update) and general arena layout are practically unchanged from normal. Bad news: THE DAMAGE. This guy will do a base of 40 damage, meaning that extra attention must be paid to his fireballs and if he's about to jump. Play this like the normal version, but focus on staying in good positions that'll keep you from taking a hit from the boss over maximum DPS, and make sure to nail those Parasites if they look to become a threat since they also do a lot of damage.

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