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Simsdoren's General All-Purpose Wildfire Guide

Shell Summary:

The Wildfire is a gun-toting, medium armored shell. It deals an average amount of damage per second, to compensate for its medium-long range advantage in combat.


Features specific to the Wildfire shell: Equipment

The Wildfire shell is equipped with a medium-long range main that fires consistently, and never runs out of ammunition. Its second does run out of ammo, but deals large amounts of damage to both groups of enemy's, and bosses alike. What makes Wildfire truly unique among the shells is its special: the blast. The blast is unique to all the shells not only in its use as both another weapon and tool for mobility, but the versatility in how it can be used. The Wildfire's armor is not exceptionally strong, nor is it a thin wafer of protection. It provides enough protection to allow this shell to take a couple hard hits before having to home. Added to the Wildfire's armor is its mobility item: the talons. Unique to the Wildfire class, they provide an additional source of armor and unless stock, added stat modification. While the Wildfire can wear light trackers, it is recommended for beginners to utilize the talons, as they give the wearer's hp some forgiveness when they are hit.


There are three main ways to play the Wildfire shell dependent on what gun the user chooses to use:

Shotgun-type ExoticShort-range High dps & risk
Repeater Gun Medium-Long rangeMedium dps & risk
Bow-type Exotic Long range Low dps & risk


Before you can survive with the Wildfire successfully, you must learn the art of dodging: both projectiles and enemies. Although enemies are harder to dodge, due to their larger size or smaller size relative to projectiles, when there enough of them, projectiles can be quite difficult too.

With the wildfire, you have two opinions to escape from either of these: either use your maneuverability from your mobility/implant slot combo (i.e. jumping, moving) or use your blast to simultaneously escape and deal damage to an enemy.

Gear vs Boosts

Inevitably, the question of which game mechanic has more importance arises. In Starbreak, there's no clear right choice of which to focus on. Each have their own merits attributed to them, but neither is clearly better than the other. I have a general formula from rebuilding after dying, which would be a good outline for new/rebuilding players of all skill levels. The formula is based on the tier of the mission. Here it is, outlined in table form:

Tiers to focus on:




3-4-5 (High,Very High,Extreme)

APPENDIX A: Equipment

Information pertaining to Wildfire equipment can be found here:
Wildfire Equipment Page

A quick commentary on which equipment I prefer.
(Equipment usage is highly situational, but a general guide for how I use it is as follows:)

Main: Sodial > Repeater > Bow > Short-Range Exotic
Second: Proxies > Cluster > Frags
Special: Any blast with +1 air blast (scattered > tiered > forceful) > forceful > scattered > tiered
Mobility: Empyreals > Talons > Trackers
Armor: Beserker > Tiered Armor

APPENDIX B: Zone Specific Usage

To be constructed…

Summary: How to use the Wildfire shell in specific zones: which enemies the Wildfire is effective against, which ones to watch out for, how to take down the boss using the Wildfire.

APPENDIX C: Rebuilding

To be constructed…

Summary: How to rebuild with the Wildfire efficiently.

APPENDIX D: Beginner's

To be constructed…

Summary: How a beginner should play the Wildfire and improve.

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