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Ratburntro44's Soloing Fungus Cave Boss on Ironclad

Here is a guide on how to easily solo the Fungus Cave boss on Ironclad. Before getting started, make sure to enter the boss room with these ingredients:

  1. A mantlet with +50% KBR. Knockback resist is essential to soloing this boss without difficulty- if you don't have it, you'll likely just end up thrown about by all the flies.
  2. A ranged IC weapon. This can either be lancet, baculus, or adjudicator (using plinks). As long as you have a weapon with range on it, it will make your life easier.
  3. A hammer with +50% KBR. Using a hammer (sledge, adjudicator, preceptor, anything works here) with KBR will bring you to full Knockback Resist, allowing you to kill flies without any interruption.
  4. A sledge with extra hit and armor pierce. This is optional, but highly recommended- it allows you to get much higher damage on the boss, making the fight go faster.

Before going any further, note that the hardest part of the Worm fight for Ironclad is actually the beginning- unexpectedly, the fight gets easier as it goes on. This is for two reasons:

  • It's easy to kill flies, and easy to kill the side worms, but not super easy to do both at once.
  • It isn't more difficult to kill 50 flies than 5 flies, but 50 will give you more health drops.

So, as long as you can tough it out with good enough HP until the spawners are gone, consider staying in for the whole deal. This leads us into the method to beating the boss:

  1. Upon entering, destroy any spawners along the top of the room or easily reachable areas. Use your KBR hammer for all of this time, as flies may come to attack you at any moment. Take out both marked side worms as quickly as possible- this is a good place to use your kyeser, since it is not needed later in the fight.
  2. After the side worms retract and the boss comes up, move to one side and destroy all the remaining spawners while they are easy to attack. Then, repeat step 1 and this step with the opposite side.
  3. Now that the spawners are gone, we can enter the safer part of the fight. From now on, use your KBR hammer every time the boss finishes retracting. Take out every fly in the room using this before going to the next step. It is easiest if you stay on a lower platform and kill them immediately as they rise upwards.
  4. Once all of the flies are gone, switch to your ranged weapon. Use this to take down the marked side worms from a distance- while this is not necessary for the top ones and not as easily possible for the bottom ones, it allows you to avoid difficulty in attacking the middle ones at short range (the lower ones can interfere when you are doing this). If there is a lower marked one, consider taking it down last.
  5. After the side worms are taken out, switch to your extra hit AP sledge (or highest DPS weapon if you do not have this). Use it to attack the worm body as it rises and retracts. Switch to your KBR hammer as soon as you can no longer make significant attacks or see flies approaching.
  6. If there are still marked side worms, return to step 3 through the next round. Otherwise, continue.
  7. Now, use your KBR hammer to kill as many flies as you can and collect any health dropped. Focus more on avoiding side worms- they will do nasty damage even to an Ironclad!
  8. After the side worms retract, go to the side as usual. If you are safe enough from flies, switch to your extra hit AP sledge- otherwise, do damage to the boss with your KBR hammer. At this point survival is more important than high damage.
  9. When the main worm retract, return to step 7 for the next round. Continue cycling through until the boss goes down in flames.
  10. At this point, stick with your KBR hammer and kill all the remaining flies in the room to be safe before collecting your rewards.

If you are seeking to do the boss fight without switching weapons, then the suggested main is an adjudicator with KBR- this can act both as your KBR hammer and your ranged weapon, and still does sufficient boss damage to make the fight not be too slow.

I hope this guide has helped you with soloing the Worm (Fungus Cave boss) on Ironclad. Good luck in your future endeavors!

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