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Sol Station: Eons Ago

Far above planet Earth, a battle occurred between the Humans and the Watcher led Harvesters. The Humans used powerful robotic shells that we call 'Ancients' in their defense against the intruders. Despite the high tech equipment and the sheer will of humans, they fell to the forced explosion of the Sun, known as the StarBreak.

Eschaton Station: Present Day

The destruction of Earth gave birth to the seed of Eschaton, an advanced AI that preserved culture, recreated human consciousness, and allows them to exist outside of a physical body. The portal system scattered throughout Eschaton links to key areas in the Harvester military complex, allowing the newly resurrected humans to inhabit Shells and take revenge.

Fire Forest

The Fire Forest is a planet being harvested for resources by the Harvesters, fueling their continued attempts and complete universal domination. Large ships fills the sky, using tractor beams to bring precious minerals to the surface on onward into carriers.

Fungus Cave

The Fungus Cave is an underground labyrinth on Harvester homeworlds, and on the way to the Underground Base. Clearing it out is needed for the safe passage of future allies.

The Vanquished

The Vanquished takes place on an alien planet under siege by a subgroup of the Harvester army, taking any natives they find and enslaving them. The allied forces need any newcomers they can get, and freeing those that need it is a great way to gain more willing to fight against The Watcher.

The Underground Base

The Underground Base is an abandoned military complex found on a Harvester homeworld. The security forces are strong, all meant to protect what may've been left behind….


The Strands is an inverted world, perhaps caused by a Harvester attack. A singularity is found in the center, meaning that anything that falls is crushed.

Temple of the Lost

An ancient civilization used to live here, creating beautiful architecture and manipulating biology. A gift from The Watcher soon led to infighting, and a terrible weapon was created that destroyed them all…


The remains of an ancient battle, perhaps even the one that caused the destruction of humanity. Scavengers, oddly reminiscent of the race fought eons ago, pick over what rare and powerful relics that can be found.


Secrets were created by the outcasts of the Harvester shells around most of the zones, to hide in so they won't get the punishments. They hid all their money and their most valuable item, however, died of starvation, but a few still lives, clinging to the wish that one day, everything will be restored.

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