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Since the beginning of the game, players have constantly come up with new phrases or names for content. Here's a list of some of the most common things said:

# | A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z


#/5: The level of a type of boost (or all boosts) maxed


Ability: Equipment that fills the Special slot

Acceleration: Determines how long it will take an object to reach its full Speed

Adju: Adjudicator

Air Blast: Adds to the amount of times you can activate Wildfire's Special Skill before touching the ground

Air Jump: Adds to the amount of times a shell can jump in midair

Air Warp: Adds to the amount of times you can activate Duskwing's Special Skills in midair

Alt: An alternate account

AP: The Armor Pierce modifier on equipment

Armored: The object will take less damage from attacks

Armor Points: Adds this many points of Armor to the shell, reducing damage by 1 point every 4, rounded up

Attack Speed: Reduces the time spent following through this equipment's attack


Bac: Baculus

Barbed: Deals an extra 50% of stated Damage when it makes contact with the enemy

Base: Mechanical superiority. The next step up from FC, or the Underground Base

Base Crit Chance: This adds to your shell's overall Crit Chance, increasing the amount of Critical Hits you land

Base Crit Damage: This adds to your shell's overall Crit Damage, increasing the amount of damage you deal with a Critical Hit.

Blasts: The amount of explosions Wildfire's Special Skill will create

Blockers: This many orbitals will protect the object from projectiles

Bombs: The amount of frags this will burst into upon detonation

Bow: Either Stonebow or Needlebow

Bounce: The projectile will ricochet off surfaces this many times and restart its Range

Brink: Fight to the death! What the tutorial is known as

Burns: The amount of fires a Burner will burst into upon detonation

Buzz: The spin attack when the Main button is pressed in the air by DW


Call: To signal chests, health, or boosts, usually with emotes

Candy: EC

Cave: The Fungus Cave. Dark and damp. The second zone normally unlocked

Class: Shell

Clear: To defeat a majority of the enemies on a dungeon on the way to the end, and/or defeating all chest areas.

Crowdstomp: A large amount of people defeating a dungeon quickly and easily.

Cycle Time: The amount of time between strikes on this attack, in milliseconds


Damage: The amount of damage this specific piece of equipment will do when its attack lands, modified by the player's Damage Bonus

Damage Bonus: Adds to how much extra damage a shell will do with its attacks

Dances: Determines the amount of attacks a Fabricator's Main Weapon will spawn on detonation

Dropship: The nickname of Graveyard boss

Dumb: Codename for the Underground Base

Duration: Determines how long the attack will stay out, in milliseconds

DW: Fast and furious, unlocked by completing The Fire Forest. Officially the 'Duskwing'


eCave: Cramped and infested. The Elite Fungus Cave

eFC: Elite Fungus Cave

eFF: Bring on the heat. The Elite Fire Forest

Ehit: The Extra Hit modifier on skeins and sledges

eST: Welcome to the Void. The Elite Strands

eStrands: Elite Strands

eTL: Watch your feet. The Elite version of the Temple of the Lost

eUB: Resistance is futile. The Elite version of the Underground Base

Ex: The experimental prefix on equipment, referring to 3 modifiers

Extra Hit: Hits the first enemy the swing strikes this many more times

Experi: Experimental

Explosion Damage: The amount of damage the lingering strike of Ironclad's Secondary Weapon will do

Explosive Ammo: The projectile will leave a lingering attack when it disappears

Expo: Experimental


Fab: The true glass cannon, unlocked by completing The Underground Base. It's also known as the 'Fabricator'.

Fabby: Fabricator

FC: Fungus Cave.

FF: Overgrown and fiery. The Fire Forest

Fresh: A new shell with default weapons and no stats


Grand Overseer: The nickname of Vanquished boss

Grave: Hot and vicious. The current hardest dungeon, the Graveyard (Sometimes erroneously referred to as the 'Ship Graveyard')

GY: Graveyard


Height: Determines the amount of stacks on a shockwave

Hit Damage: The amount of damage Ironclad's Secondary Weapon will do on impact

Hit Points: The amount of damage this object can withstand before disappearing

Hulk: Graveyard


IC: Slow with a heavy hand, unlocked by completing the Fungus Cave. Commonly known as the 'Ironclad'

Incendiary: Bursts into gravity-obeying fire that hits for 50% stated damage, up to 4 times, instead of exploding

Invader: The nickname of Vanquished boss


Jump Height: Increases the ascention rate and apex of your shell's jump


Kaerou: Alt nick for IC, used by the Japanese

Kanti: Kantikoy repeater

KBR: The Knockback Resist modifier on Mantlets

Knockback Resist: Reduces the amount of time you spend falling backward after taking a hit

Kulb: Kulbeda


Leech: Leech modifier on skeins or not helping with a dungeon but staying for loot

Leech modifier: Restores the stated amount of Hit Points to your shell each time you lash an enemy

Lifetime: The maximum amount of time this object can stay active

Lobster: The nickname of Fire Forest boss


Mango: Mangonel

Max: To fill a level (or all levels) of boosts

Max Ammo: Increases the amount of Secondary Weapon Ammo you can carry by this much

Max HP: Increases the amount of Hit Points a shell can have

Mboss: The miniboss or halfway boss of a dungeon.

Missiles: The amount of projectiles a Swarmer will spawn

Mod: A modifier on equipment


Naked: A new shell with default weapons and no stats

Needle: Needlebow, the weaker version of stonebow, dropped by the Fungus Cave boss.

Ninja: Alt nick for DW, used by the Japanese


Overdamage: To do excess damage at Temple of the Lost midboss, causing more minions to spawn


Penetrating: The projectile will continue past enemy targets after hitting them

Plink: The amount of projectiles on an Adjudicator

Polaris: The nickname of Strands boss

Poly: Polychrome Skein

Precep: Preceptor

Precision: Keeps the projectiles focused toward a specific end-point

Proto: The prototype prefix on equipment, referring to 4 modifiers


QS: Quickstep

Quad: A Trinity with +1 Dance modifier

Quick Summon: Reduces the time spent preparing the attack

Quint: A Trinity with +2 Dance modifiers


Radius: Determines how far the attack will extend from spawn point

Range: How far a projectile can travel from its starting point

Reflect: Blocked projectiles will initiate a retaliating projectile

Robo: Alt nick for Fab, used by the Japanese

Rush: To skip past enemies and chests to reach a miniboss, boss, or shop quickly.


SB: Stonebow or Starbreak

SC: Star Cathedral

Securon: The nickname of Underground Base boss

Seeking: The attack will move toward the nearest enemy while active

Shielded: The object will block projectiles

Shop run: A runthrough (or often repeated runthroughs) of a level (most often the Underground Base) with the goal of finding a shop.

Shot: Adds an extra projectile to Wildfire's Main Weapons

Shotgun: Previously just a nickname for Arblast or Dragoon, but now the official name of the Wildfire starter weapon (a weaker arblast).

Shrapnel: The object will burst into this many projectiles on detonation

Sim: Simultaneous modifier on Duskwing seconds, baetyls, macrons, lancets, and baculi

Simul: Simultaneous modifier

Simultaneous: Determines the amount of an attack that can be active at once

Speed: The speed an attack will travel through space

Spin Time: How long the weapon can continuously buzz, in milliseconds

ST: Don't Fall: The Platformer. On par difficulty-wise with the Underground Base, the Strands

Steamroll: A large amount of people defeating a dungeon quickly and easily.


Temple: Ancient biohazards? Don't get swarmed! Temple of the Lost, alt difficulty level to the Graveyard

Time: Increases how long an attack will stay active

Thornmaster: The nickname of Temple of the Lost boss

TL: Temple of the Lost

Trashmaster: The nickname of Temple of the Lost midboss

Trin: Trinity, a Fabricator exotic dancer dropped by the Fungus Cave boss.

Trisected: Explodes 3 times for full damage each time


UB: Underground Base

UC: The name for StarBreak's premium currency, used to purchase equipment storage, shell storage, and hats



Weapon: Generally refers to equipment that can be put in the Main slot, but can also refer to mains, seconds, and specials collectively.

WF: The default shell, canonically called the 'Wildfire'

Wurm: The nickname of Fungus Cave boss



Yard: Graveyard


There's a lot more than this, so just pay attention to context. If there's a term that you're not familiar with or isn't on this list, contact N

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