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StarBreak is a unique skill-based action platformer MMO where you explore strange sci-fi worlds alongside dozens of other players, kill legions of dangerous aliens and fight epic boss battles.

You start out as an Ancient, a highly advanced cyberkinetic suit created by humans at the height of their technology. However, The Watcher- the Apex Predator of the Universe- and its minions have noticed the rise of mankind and decided to go on the offensive. A vicious attack completely destroys humans, taking advantage of a super weapon to cause the Sun to go super nova. Eons later, an AI seed called 'Eschaton' grows into a new haven for humanity, reforming their conscious into virtual 'Sparks' with the ability to inhabit robotic bodies called 'shells'. From then on, humanity has dedicated its forces to guerrilla attacks on The Watcher and its Harvesters, hoping that maybe one day their fate won't befall another species.

Currently, there are many controls that are not explained very well in the tutorial. For instance, you have a special available, activated by pressing [Shift] and a direction. Specials and how they act vary by shell, with your first shell, the Wildfire, using explosive blasts to propel itself away from enemies while also dealing damage. Other shells can gain invulnerability, create drones that deal long range damage, or charge head on into enemies.

Shells are unlocked by reaching certain levels. Level 3 unlocks Duskwing, Level 5 unlocks Ironclad, and Level 7 unlocks Fabricator. By completing missions for the first time, you also raise your max level, allowing you to raise your level even higher.

Equipment is collected by defeating monsters in zones during a mission. They only drop by certain enemies at the end of branches, making it so that if you want loot, you have to go out of your way to get it (Although you can also get loot from midbosses and bosses, starting out it's a good idea to explore and get better weapons so you have an easier time). You can equip items by pressing [A], unless you currently have an item in that slot equipped. If so, you can easily swap items by pressing [Shift]+[A] or by picking up items with [A], pressing [Tab] to access your inventory, and then using the arrow keys to select the item you want to equip and press [A] again.

There are also stats that you can collect while doing missions called 'Boosts'- you collect them automatically when you run over them. Each boost increases your stats by a small amount, with the stat increase dependent on the boost you collect. You can view your boosts by pressing the [C] button.

You can also escape missions by pressing the [H] key and waiting for the countdown to end, with it being interrupted if you perform an action. As such, you can even crouch, and as long as you don't press any other button during that time, the countdown won't end.

If you need any help, there are guides here, or you can start a thread on the forums. And please, don't get mad at first- the game is designed to be hard, and you'll have to learn a lot. Just find a good player you can look up to, and remember: even the best players were newbies once. With persistence, you too can gain the skills required to complete even the hardest content StarBreak has to offer.

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