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Last update: May 08, 2016


This guide is currently a work in progress. As such, some areas are missing or incomplete and some parts of the page are messy. And some things are not fully explained.

Ice will try to finish it when he can.

Ice's Duskwing Handbook

This is a guidebook for fully understanding Duskwing's mechanics.

Table of Contents

Duskwing Placeholder


  • Close range attacker with high damage potential
  • Able to avoid damage with certain moves
  • Can move around quickly


  • Low HP and Armor, can't take a lot of hits
  • Requires quick reflexes and judgement to play effectively

Stats Overview

Duskwing's Natural Stats

CRIT %0%
CRIT X1.4x

Comparison to other Shells at Max

MAX HPDuskwing
AMMO Fabricator
ARMOR Duskwing
SPEED Ironclad
JUMP Ironclad
CRIT %Ironclad

Duskwing has the lowest HP and Armor of the Shells, but her Mobility and Critical stats are her best traits.

+1: Values listed like this add to the stat.
x1: Values listed like this multiply the total stat 1: No plus sign means that the value only affects that item, for example, Crit Chance on a Skein.
1~5: Values listed like this refer to varying values, such as from Boosts, or different tiered equipment.
(+2): Values listed in brackets refer to stats that only come from modifiers.

Potential Max HP

Item Boost
Tier +50~100

Potential Max Ammo Item | Boost | Main | Second | Special | Mobility | Body | Implant -|- Tier | +3~8 Any Secondary | | | (+2) Bandoliers | | | | | | x1~2 (+1) Calites | | | | | | | +2~4

Potential Damage%

Item Boost
Tier +0%~50%
Any Trackers

Potential Armor

Item Boost
Tier +0~10
Frenzied Berserker

Potential Movement Speed

Item Boost
Tier +30~55

Potential Jump Height

Item Boost
Tier +40~65
Any Mobility

Potential Critical Chance%

Item Boost
Tier +0%~7.5%
Modifier (Crit Chance)
Any Hyrst
Frenzied Berserker

Potential Critical Damage

Item Boost
Tier +1.4x~5.4x
Modifier (Crit Damage)
Any Trackers
Any Hyrst
Frenzied Berserker

Equipment List

There's a lot of things to keep in mind for Equipment. Thats why I've divided each piece of equipment into its own sections. I've listed an example of what to expect for each section.

First, I'll give a brief summary of this item.

Usually, I'll list any different versions of this particular item

Things like Main/Secondaries/Specials may have different moves with different button combinations, which I'll list here as a Moveset.

Then I'll list any modifiers that the item can come with

Then I'll say where the item can drop.

Basic Info

Basic Info is a brief summary of the item. This is usually simple enough for beginners and newbies to read, and understand what this item does, and what makes it useful. ####Detailed Info Detailed Info contains more information of the item. This contains info that is useful for players that want to use this item more effectively, and understand what it can, and can't do, along with tips on how to use this more effectively. ####Technical Info Technical Info is a section for very specific details about this item. This is for players that want to maximize their usage of this particular area. Beginners should probably avoid this section, as some of it can be difficult to utilize properly.

If you don't know how to effectively use a particular attack with Duskwing, go that that Section and look at the Basic Info (EG, look at Main Equipment/Skeins and check the Basic Info)

Main Equipment

Main Equipment are a type of Equipment.

Below is a list of Main weapons Duskwing can use.

ALT Skein Skeins

A Skein is a type of Main Equipment, and one of the weapons that Duskwing starts off with. It is a whip with a blade on the end of it, capable of damaging enemies at close range. This is the regular Weapon for a Duskwing.

They come in different tiers, each differing in damage.

Name Tier
Skein Starter
Nacre Skein T1
Cobalt Skein T2
Sapphire Skein T3
Berylblade SkeinT4
Vitreous Skein T5

*Special Note: The tiered Skeins have more attack range than the starter Skein.

Possible Modifiers

  • Spin Time: +400 (Aerial attack lasts longer)
  • Crit Chance: +5%
  • Crit Damage: +2x
  • Leech: +1HP (Ground attacks recover 1 HP)
  • Extra Hit: +1 (Ground attacks can hit twice)


While on Ground
[ATTACK]: Frontal Whip attack. Hits enemies in front of her.
[UP] + [ATTACK]: Upward Whip attack. Hits enemies in the air in front of her.
[DOWN] + [ATTACK]: Frontal Whip attack while crouching. Hits enemies in front of her.
[DOWN]&[FORWARD] + [ATTACK]: Downward Whip attack while crouching. Hits enemies below her in her direction.

While in Air
[ATTACK]: Buzzsaw attack. Hits everything around Duskwing. Grants Invulnerability for duration of attack.

Basic Info

The Skein the standard weapon that is used by a Duskwing. She does whip-style attacks while on the ground and a spinning buzzsaw attack while in the air. The Skein that you start with has lower attack range than the rest of the tiered Skeins, so you should find a better Skein as soon as possible.

Attacking on the ground will do a whip-attack, hitting any enemies that are in front of her.

Attacking in the air will do a buzzsaw-attack. It hits enemies all around her until either her Skein's Spin Time runs out, she lands on the ground, or you cancel it with a Warp. (See Special for details on Warps)

Duskwing is Invulnerable when she is performing a Buzzsaw or a Warp. This means that she cannot take damage from anything while she is doing either of these attacks. This makes her Buzzsaw attack one of the safer attacks for her to use, as she can deal damage, and avoid taking damage at the same time.

The Buzzsaw attack can leave you vulnerable when it ends. You should cancel it with a Warp before it ends, so you can get away safely.

This is the usual Buzzsaw+Warp combo. It is very effective, since you can avoid damage for the entire attack.

  • Do an [ATTACK] in the air to start your Buzzsaw attack. (Duskwing is invulnerable)
  • Before your spintime runs out, or before you touch the ground, use [MODIFIER]+[LEFT or RIGHT] to Warp and cancel your Buzzsaw.

Done properly, you should take no damage until the end of your Warp.

It is a good idea to get used to using Duskwing's Buzzsaw attack to avoid damage.

Detailed Info

You can cancel a ground attack by Warping or Jumping. This is effective when you're trying to use a Leech Skein on moving targets.

Extra Hit on a Skein only affects the Whip Attack. This can make the Whip Attack deal more damage than a Buzzsaw. It's a lot more powerful than you think, especially if you can manage to hit enemies using mostly your Whip attack.

Leech on a Skein lets you recover HP for each successful whip attack. It does not activate from Buzzsaw attacks, so you have to stay grounded to activate it. Every Duskwing should have a Leech Skein with them, no matter how weak the Skein is.

It should be noted that Leech does not work on every enemy. Most enemies that cannot be leeched are usually enemies that respawn constantly, or targets that aren't an immediate threat, such as damageable gates.

Spin Time increases the time you spend in Buzzsaw before it ends. It gives you more safety with Buzzsaw in situations where you want to avoid damage.

The Buzzsaw attack deals less damage per hit than the whip attack, but hits more.

It can be helpful to learn to [ATTACK] immediately after a [JUMP]. This helps you avoid damage when moving around a stage. Ideally, you should never be jumping around normally without using Buzzsaw, unless you are trying to do certain actions that require strict timing.

Because Buzzsaw can be canceled if you touch the ground, you should be aware of certain types of solid objects such as:

  • Platforms you can't see
  • Rising Platforms
  • Enemies that are Platforms
  • Enemy Projectiles/Attacks that are Solid (Can't move through)
  • Slopes when moving left or right
  • Fabricator's Macrons

You will immediately leave Buzzsaw if you land on any of these things, leaving you vulnerable when you least expect it.

It is not possible to crouch instantly after landing on the ground. Don't try to Buzzsaw onto the ground thinking you can instant-crouch under that flying projectile, it won't work.

Personally, I highly recommend looking for any Skein with Leech. This modifier can increase your survivability during tough fights. Leech and Spintime is a good combination for survival, and is useful even on a weak skein. Alternatively, Leech and ExHit will allow you to heal while additionally dealing high damage, but this modifier combo is more useful on a stronger skein, like the Berylblade or Vitreous Skein.

Crit Chance is usually better than Crit Damage because most of the time when you crit, Duskwing's high Crit Damage will knock out most enemies with ease when it activates.

If you're not into using Buzzsaw to attack, you may opt for a high tiered Skein w/Extra Hit. A Berylblade Skein with Extra Hit can do a surprising amount of damage when attacking on the ground. ####Technical Info Extra Hit won't activate if you cancel your ground attack too early.

Spintime is mostly a positive modifier but there are some exceptions, such as being able to restart your buzzsaw to spin through an enemy where a spintime skein may have ended inside the enemy. Such cases are very rare though.

Buzzsaw deals 1/3 of the damage you would do if you did an attack on the ground. (Your Buzzsaw needs to hit 3 times in order to do the same damage you would do if you attacked on the ground)

Buzzsaw is canceled whenever you input your Warp command, even if you are unable to do any more Warps. Take care if you have certain abilities, like Air Jump, as your Warps won't refresh until you land on the ground.

Alternatively, you can cancel Buzzsaw like this to restart it if your earlier Buzzsaw was going to end in a inside a an enemy or projectile.

If you quick-switch weapons during a Buzzsaw, your Buzzsaw will graphically change based on your equipped Skein. (or to the starter skein if your current weapon doesn't have a Buzzsaw sprite) However, the Buzzsaw's properties will not change. The damage/spintime acts as if you were still wearing the Skein that the you started the Buzzsaw with. ###ALT Polychrome Skein Polychrome Skein Series

The Polychrome Skein series are a type of Main Equipment that behaves similar to the regular skeins but hits rapidly. The rapid hits tend to make it a high DPS weapon, making it popular among many Duskwings.

There are 2 different tiers of this Skein, each differing in damage.

Name Tier
Polychrome SkeinT2
Motley T5

Air damage is based on how close you are attacking the enemy.
Average Air Damage (for 3x) is the same damage for 1 of the 3 ground swipe damages.
*Average Air Damage (for 3x) is same based on close proximity Buzzsaw damage, and comparable to a Tiered Skein's Average Air Damage.

Possible Modifiers

  • Spin Time: +400
  • Crit Chance: +5%
  • Crit Damage: +2x
  • Leech: +1HP (Ground attacks recover 1 HP if at least one attack hits)

Basic Info

The Polychrome Skein is very similar to the regular skeins, but with a few differences. It hits enemies more times when attacking with it, but has less range compared to a normal Skein.

This makes the Polychrome effective for players that are used to being up close. The Buzzsaw attack is popular with this Skein, as the Polychrome's Buzzsaw is much more powerful than a regular Skein.

Keep in mind that the Polychrome has a shorter attack range than the tiered skeins, which makes it harder to deal damage to enemies spread out around you. ####Detailed Info The exact behaviour and differences with the Polychrome Skein are listed below.

  • Ground attacks can hit 3 times per swing
  • Ground attacks have slightly less range
  • Ground attacks take longer to do
  • Buzzsaw hits more times
  • Buzzsaw has slightly less attack range

The modifier, Leech: +1HP only applies once per swing, no matter how many times you hit the enemy. It might be useful to mix in a quick ground attack in between your Buzzsaws to heal HP if needed, as you only need 1 swipe to hit for Leech to activate.

The Polychrome Skein does not have the Extra Hit modifier like the regular Skeins. It may be more effective to use a normal Skein with Extra Hit, if you prefer to attack on the ground.

Personally, I suggest going for a Polychrome Skein with a SpinTime modifier over anything else, followed by Crit Chance and Crit Damage, since Polychrome's Buzzsaw is very powerful. Just carry a another skein that has Leech if you need to recover HP. ####Technical Info The Polychrome's whip attack on the ground has a bit of a backlash hit area at the start of your attack. This can actually hit enemies behind you that are standing very close to you.

Polychrome's attack animation on the ground is capable of dealing damage as soon as the attack starts.

The first frame of the attack animation is when the Polychrome's 1st swing is active. This can actually deal damage if an enemy is standing close enough. The second frame of the attack animation is when the 1st swing's attack hitbox goes a little bit behind Duskwing. This is also when the 2nd and 3rd swings are active and are capable of dealing damage.

The 3 hits from attacking on the ground have specific behaviour.

  • Attack #1: Comes out first and the fastest, has the farthest range.
  • Attack #2: Comes out second, less range than the first swipe, with slightly wider range
  • Attack #3: Comes out second but hits later than #2, less range than the second swipe, with wider range

Polychrome's Buzzsaw is actually made up of 3 different 'buzzsaws', which all have a different Attack Radius. You need to Buzzsaw close enough to the enemy to maximize your buzzsaw damage, because if you're just a bit too far, you won't be hitting with all of your 'buzzsaws'.

The amount of 'attack swipes' you see when hitting an enemy can will tell you how many of your 'buzzsaws' are actually hitting)

  • Based on hitting 3 times with a buzzsaw

Berylblade Average Buzz Damage
1 (55)
Polychrome Average Buzz Damage
1 (30)
2 (60)
3 (90)

This makes Polychrome's Buzzsaw the strongest when used properly.

Damage Calculation

  • Base Damage: 20-40
  • Buzzsaw Damage; Long Range: (7-13)
  • Buzzsaw Damage; Medium Range: (13-27)
  • Buzzsaw Damage; Close Range: (20-40)

ALT Balefire Skein Balefire Skein

The Balefire Skein is a type of Main Equipment, which can hit enemies at close range, leaving a flame that damages them over time. It has less attack range than a regular Skein.

Name Tier
Balefire SkeinT3

*Flame hits 6 times before it disappears and is capped at up to 4 flames per attack

Possible Modifiers

  • Spin Time: +400
  • Crit Chance: +5%
  • Crit Damage: +2x
  • Extra Hit: +1

Basic Info

The Balefire's moveset is the same as a regular Skein. It has the added effect of causing a Flame on enemies whenever you land a hit with the Balefire.

Because the Balefire's damage mostly comes from its Flame effect, it is more suited to fighting enemies that have a lot of HP. It is not as effective on enemies that die quickly, as the Flames will not have time to deal their full damage. ####Detailed Info The Balefire's Flame effect occurs whenever the Skein lands a hit on something.

The damage of the flames are 1/3 (a third) of your Skein's ground attack damage. The flame damage is affected by enemy armor and the flames are capable of dealing Criticals.

The Flames cause a damage tick every half-second and deals 6 ticks worth of damage. This means that 1 full Flame should deal 2x your Skein's ground attack damage.

The strength of the Flame is the same whether you use a Buzzsaw or a Whip Attack. This means it is more effective to strike with Buzzsaw, as it can land more hits, meaning more Flames. There is a 4 Flame limit per attack, so you need to do shorter Buzzsaws to keep on stacking Flames.

The Extra Hit modifier will let you inflict 2 Flames per ground attack.

Personally, I suggest going for a Balefire Skein with Crit Chance/Crit Damage, followed by Spintime and extra hit. Spintime doesn't really work on a Balefire that well because in situations where you need a spintime mod, you're better off using another skein, and Extra Hit is simply not effective enough for making more flames when buzzsaw can apply flames faster.

Although the Balefire is generally not used by many players, the fact that it can inflict damage over a period of time gives it some specific niches such as:

  • Alternative way of dealing damage to enemies that are very difficult to hit at close range
  • Stacking flames on temporarily invulnerable enemies, which will damage them when vulnerable again
  • Safely killing enemies/objects that are dangerous when killed (Such as Graveyard gates with many enemies behind it)
  • Controlling enemies that react when taking damage (Such as the 1st phase of Vanquished Miniboss, its AI only shoots projectiles when it's not taking damage, and Balefire's constant flame damage will just make him jump around repeatedly)

Technical Info

While the amount of Flames you can put on an enemy are not limited, It seems that you are only able to inflict a maximum of 4 Flames per attack, and any additional hits will restart the earliest Flame from the same attack.

This means that if you do an extended Buzzsaw attack inside a large boss and hit it 8 times with 1 Buzzsaw, only 4 of your Flames will be on the boss.

This limit also applies to hitting multiple enemies with one attack, and will cause your Flames to disappear early on the enemies that you hit first.

Remember that this limit only applies to one attack. Doing a Buzzsaw and then starting another Buzzsaw right after will let you put more than 4 Flames on an enemy.

Maximizing this Skein's damage output would require doing shorter Buzzsaws so you can stack the Flames. The simplest way to do this would be on top of a platform, with a pair of Empyreals equipped; do a dropdown+Buzzsaw, and then Air-Jump Buzzsaw back onto the platform.

For some reason the Flames activate on any enemy, even if they are immune to the Flame damage.

Balefire's Attack Range is less than a normal Skein, but has more range than a Polychrome Skein. (although the range compared to the Polychrome is only greater by 1 or 2 pixels)

Damage Calculation

  • Base Damage: 12-21
  • Base Damage w/Ground Flame: 12-21 + (24-42 Flame DMG) = (36-63 DMG)
  • Buzz Damage w/Flame: 6-12 + (24-42 Flame DMG) = (30-54 DMG)

ALT Baetyl Baetyl

The Baetyl is a type of Main Equipment, which throws disc-like attacks in a circular pattern. It functions differently from a Skein and has its own unique Moveset.

Name Tier

Possible Modifiers

  • Simultaneous: +1
  • Simultaneous: +1
  • Range: +40
  • Crit Chance: +5%
  • Crit Damage: +2x


While on Ground
[ATTACK]: Sends a spinning disc that moves forward, and back to the user in an oval pattern.
[UP]+[ATTACK]: Sends a spinning disc upward that moves forward, and back to the user in an oval pattern.
[DOWN]+[ATTACK]: Same as above, but in crouching position.
[DOWN]&[FORWARD] + [ATTACK]: Sends a spinning disc downward that moves forward, and back to the user in an oval pattern.

While in Air
[ATTACK]: Sends a spinning disc that moves forward, and back to the user in an oval pattern.
[UP]+[ATTACK]: Sends a spinning disc upward that moves forward, and back to the user in an oval pattern.

Basic Info

The Baetyl has a unique attack that functions differently than a skein. It sends out discs that move in an oval pattern that return to the user. There can only be maximum of 2 discs out at a time, but the Simultaneous modifiers can let you throw more at once. The Baetyl can be tricky to use at first, but can deal decent damage from a distance.

If the Baetyl disc hits a solid object like a wall, the Baetyl disc will disappear. Another disc can be thrown if this happens.

This weapon is useful for keeping enemies at bay. It is effective at attacking enemies to the sides and above you, but it lacks options for attacking enemies below you. ####Detailed Info The arcing pattern of the Baetyl makes it useful for attacking enemies from behind short ledges, or cover. The discs move upwards a bit, and then return close to the ground. It's effective in these situations, like enemies in Graveyard that like to hide behind cover.

If you are lacking Simultaneous modifiers and want to throw discs quicker, try attacking while you're crouching on solid ground. The arc of the discs will hit the ground early, letting you throw another disc faster. You can also use solid walls like this in many different areas to throw your discs more often. However, you may want to avoid doing this if you have Simultaneous modifiers on your weapon. It is unnecessary to force your discs to end early if you have +2 Simul. (total of 4 simultaneous)

Range is a good modifier as well. Each Baetyl disc can only damage the same enemy once, so having more range will benefit you in open areas. However, the Range boost might force you to alter your attacks slightly in enclosed/small areas.

Because the Baetyl is not a Skein, you can't Warp-Cancel in the middle of your attack animations. You can however, Warp and do actions normally after your throwing animation is done. Keep track of your Baetyl attack timing if you are intending to Warp away from danger.

The discs that the Baetyl creates move with you. You can hit enemies around corners if you move accordingly with the discs out, or you can throw some Baetyl discs while jumping to move your pre-thrown discs toward the enemies that you want to hit. ####Technical Info Baetyl's discs always track Duskwing's position. You can take advantage of this in certain areas, like the teleporters in Underground Base; If you have enough room, you can pre-throw a few Baetyl discs while standing on a teleporter, and when you teleport with the discs out, they'll snap to your destination and instantly damage any nearby enemies waiting at the other end.

Simultaneous Modifiers greatly increase the Baetyl's damage output, however, they aren't as effective if your Baetyl discs are hitting solid objects. ###ALT Stonebow Bow series

Bows are a type of Main Equipment, which fires a long-range projectile. It has a long delay between shots, but deals high damage.

There are 2 different tiers of Bows, each differing in damage.

Name Tier
Stonebow T4

Possible modifiers

  • Penetrating
  • Bounce: +1
  • Bounce: +1
  • Range: +100
  • Armor Pierce: +100%

Basic Info

The Bow series weapons are an alternative long-range weapon that a Duskwing can equip. It is a good weapon for picking off enemies that are too dangerous, or far away for you to handle. You should keep a backup Skein with you while you're using this weapon, because it is difficult to handle enemies near you with Bow.

You can't move while you're shooting your Bow on the ground. You can move around in the air and jump while shooting though.

Detailed Info

You can't cancel your Bow attacks with Warps/Divekicks. Make sure you stop shooting if you need to use your Warp.

Penetrating is probably one of the best modifiers for a bow. It goes great with the Bow's range and allows you to damage multiple enemies with one shot.

Armor Piercing is useful for a Duskwing, since she doesn't have any other alternatives for ignoring enemy armor, aside from relying on critical hits.

Bounce is nice for hitting enemies around corners or extending your shot with the Bounce effect. It's more useful if you have this along with Penetrating. With practice, you can utilize Bounce very effectively.

The Bow series weapons have the same properties as a Wildfire's guns. This means that the Bow will Autofire while [ATTACK] is held down. ####Technical Info Shots will only hit the same target once. A Bouncing Penetrating shot that goes through the same enemy will only count the damage done once.

It's possible to equip a Skein and start a Buzzsaw. During the Buzzsaw, you can quick-switch to a Bow and after your Buzzsaw ends, you will be able to fire the bow.

The Bow has a short delay before it can be fired again. The delay is long enough to allow you to throw a Secondary, like an Aesc, without delaying the Bow's firing rate. You can combine this technique in multiple ways, such as shooting the bow forward while covering your back with an Aesc.

Secondary Equipment

Secondary Equipment are a type of Equipment.

Below is a list of Secondary weapons Duskwing is able to use.

ALT Aesc Aescs

An Aesc is a type of Secondary Equipment, and one of the weapons Duskwing starts off with. It is bladed projectile that is thrown forward and comes back, damaging any enemies in its path. This is the regular Secondary for a Duskwing.

They come in different tiers, each varying in damage.

Name Tier
Aesc Starter
Biting Aesc T1
Falcate AescT2
Keen Aesc T3
Violet Aesc T4
Radiant AescT5

Possible Modifiers

  • Speed: +80
  • Range: +100
  • Crit Chance: +5%
  • Simultaneous: +1
  • Simultaneous: +1
  • Max Ammo: +2


While on Ground
[SECONDARY]: Throws the Aesc forward.
[UP] + [SECONDARY]: Throws the Aesc upward in her direction.
[DOWN] + [SECONDARY]: Throws the Aesc forward while crouching.
[DOWN]&[FORWARD] + [SECONDARY]: Throws the Aesc downward while crouching.

While in Air
[SECONDARY]: Throws the Aesc forward.
[UP] + [SECONDARY]: Throws the Aesc upward in her direction.
[DOWN] + [SECONDARY]: Throws the Aesc downward in her direction.

Basic Info

The Aesc is a penetrating projectile that goes through enemies and returns. It is a ranged option for the Duskwing.

Only one Aesc can be out at a time, unless you have the Simultaneous modifier on your Aesc.

They can deal damage twice when thrown. The first hit is when it is moving forward, and the second hit is when it reverses direction.

You can catch your Aescs by letting them come back to you. This will refill your Ammo, allowing you to use your Aesc again.

If your Aesc hits a wall, it will disappear. ####Detailed Info A Range modifier will make your Aesc fly farther, but it takes a little longer for it to come back, unless it has a Speed modifier as well.

A Speed modifier will make your Aesc move through the air faster. This can also make it difficult to catch your Aesc, as it moves very fast.

Aescs naturally have Penetrating traits, and can hit enemies that normally block bullet-projectiles, such as some of the enemies in Temple of the Lost. ####Technical Info The animation from throwing a secondary weapon prevents you from Jumping, changing direction, switching from crouch to stand/vice-versa, and Warping. Be careful when you're using Secondaries frequently.

Throwing a secondary downward while in air and landing on the ground during the animation seems to cause you to stand up for a split second. (Unknown if vulnerable during this)

If you throw a Secondary and switch your equipped Secondary fast enough, you can throw the Secondary that you just equipped without waiting for the first one to disappear. This may be unintended behaviour however.

You can only catch the Secondary that you have equipped. If you throw a Violet Aesc and switch to another Violet Aesc in your inventory, you will not be able to catch the one you just threw. You can only catch it if you equip the right Aesc. This rule applies to the other Secondaries as well.

An Aesc with a Speed modifier and no Range modifier reverses direction very quickly. You can throw these away from an enemy and not catch it, to let it hit all enemies in a line when it reverses direction.

ALT Gnawing Aesc Gnawing Aesc series

The Gnawing Aescs are a type of Secondary Equipment. They function similar to a regular Aesc, but will stick to an enemy on contact and continuously damage them while attached.

There are currently 2 types of these Aescs, differing in damage.

Name Tier
Haunting AescT1
Gnawing Aesc T3

Possible Modifiers

  • Same as Aesc Modifiers

Basic Info

These Aescs can stick to an enemy, and continuously damage it while attached. They are most effective for dealing damage to a single target.

You can still catch these Aescs when they're stuck on an enemy. You might have to use a Buzzsaw or a Warp to grab them safely. They will also disappear if the enemy that it is latched on dies.

Like regular Aescs, they will disappear if they touch a wall.

To use these Aescs effectively, they should be thrown at a spot on the enemy where you know you are going to do a Buzzsaw or Warp. ####Detailed Info The duration timer for secondary weapons start as soon as they are thrown. Because of this, you'll want these Aescs to hit the enemy as early as possible to maximize the damage.

Some parts of an enemy are protected by Armor, while other parts are not. It can be effective to throw these at the unarmored part of a boss.

Aescs can stick to parts of an enemy that don't take damage. Aim properly at enemies, like the yellow glowing worms in Strands. ####Technical Info They disappear when they touch a wall like normal Aescs, even if it is already latched to an enemy. If an Aesc is stuck on an enemy and moves close enough to a wall, it will make the Aesc disappear early.

Because the Aesc sticks to enemies, you can use it to roughly check an enemy's Hitbox, and figure out how far to space yourself from the enemy.

An Aesc with a Speed Modifier and no Range modifier reverses direction very quickly. You can throw these in the opposite direction for a long range Aesc latch, but you might lose some damage.

The miniboss clones in Vanquished will make your Aesc disappear if you throw one at a clone. ###ALT Kulbeda Kulbeda

The Kulbeda is a type of Secondary Equipment. It is a bladed projectile that penetrates enemies and bounces off walls.

They come in 2 different tiers, each varying in damage.

Name Tier
Kunai T5

Possible Modifiers

  • Speed: +80
  • Bounces: +1
  • Time: +800
  • Crit Chance: +5%
  • Simultaneous: +1
  • Simultaneous: +1
  • Max Ammo: +2

Basic Info

Unlike the other Secondaries, the Kulbeda will not slow down and reverse direction when it is thrown. It moves forward at a fixed direction and bounces off any solid walls.

It's very useful in enclosed areas due to the bouncing effect.

Like the Aescs, they can be caught to refill your ammo. ####Standard Info The duration timer refreshes every bounce. ####Technical Info There's a short delay from throwing the Kulbeda where you can't catch it. You need to wait a little bit before you can catch the Kulbeda.

The Kulbeda bounces off anything solid. This also includes the Screen Boundary edges of the area you're in.

Kulbedas don't seem to bounce properly on Slopes.

Special Equipment

Special Equipment are a type of Equipment

Below is a list of Special Equipment Duskwing is able to use. They are all types of Warps.

ALT Warp Warps

A Warp is a type of Special Equipment, and one of the items that Duskwing starts off with. It allows Duskwing to rush forward, dealing damage to all enemies that she touches. She is also invulnerable when she is doing a Warp. It can also allow her to Divekick. This is the regular Special for a Duskwing.

This is a list of Warps that can be found. They differ in damage.

Name Tier
Warp Starter
Acrotic WarpT1
Beloid Warp T2
Daedal Warp T3
Aeon Warp T4
Tacent Warp T5

Possible Modifiers

  • Speed: +80
  • Time: +150ms
  • Crit Chance: +5%
  • Crit Damage: +2x
  • Air Warps: +1

[MODIFIER] + [FORWARD]: Dashes forward, dealing damage to all enemies in her path. Grants Invulnerability.

While in Air
[MODIFIER] + [DOWN]: Divekick towards the ground. Deals damage to an enemy on contact and bounces Duskwing back into the air.

Basic Info

Warps are essential to a Duskwing. It allows you to move quickly while avoiding danger.

Your Warp will last until the Warp runs out of time, you let go of a [DIRECTION] key, or you hit a solid wall.

It works well when used during a Buzzsaw attack, as you will be invulnerable during your entire Buzzsaw Warp combo.

Using a Downward Warp input will do a Divekick. This will damage the first enemy you land on and launch you back into the air. Divekick should be used on enemies below you that you can't safely land or hit with your regular attacks.

Keep in mind that Divekick does not give Invulnerability Frames.

To use a Duskwing successfully, you should get used to using Warp frequently. ####Detailed Info The kind of Warp you should use depends on whether you use your Warp offensively, as a method of attack, or if you use your Warp defensively, as a method to escape danger.

If you use your Warp offensively, you should use the strongest Warp you can find.
If you use your Warp defensively, you may be better off using a Warp that has useful modifiers on it.

Inexperienced Duskwing players may find Speed Warps a little hard to control. The faster speed can make Warp timing and usage a little difficult to adjust to.

Jumping, Divekicking and Warping in tandem is effective to travelling large distances or moving around platforms in a short amount of time. For example, you can Divekick to land on the ground faster so you can act quicker. This is even faster with a Speed modifier on your Warp.

You should avoid Divekicking enemies that have a platform near the top of them, or are platforms/solid. You will most likely end up landing and taking damage.

You should also be careful when Divekicking enemies that are capable of jumping/rising quickly, or can attack upwards. You might take damage, even if you land the attack successfully.

The rebound from Divekick will refresh your Air Jumps and Air Warps if it connects successfully. This is useful for Duskwings that like to stay in the air.

If you're crouching, you can start a Warp without having to stand up. Just keep holding [DOWN], and press the Warp input [MODIFIER]+[DIRECTION] like usual. Useful if something is about to hit you while you're crouching and you can't stand up.

Note that you can't do the opposite and try to end a Warp in the Crouch position. Duskwing has a slight pause when she ends a Warp, making her vulnerable to attacks.

Technical Info

There are two different kind of Warps that Duskwing can do. Ground Warps and Air Warps. Ground Warps are Warps that are started from the Ground, and Air Warps are started from the air. While they are similar in effect, they have some subtle differences.

Ground Warps turn into an Air Warp when leaving the ground. This does not affect damage, range, duration, etc. It will however, change the behaviour of the Warp. Ground Warps follow slopes. An Air Warp will not follow a slope and will stop or actually somewhat launch Duskwing upward some distance. Ground Warps do not use up an Extra Air Warp. If you Ground Warp and end up in the air, you can still do an air warp.
You can manually cancel a Ground Warp by Jumping. You cannot cancel an Air Warp until you release the direction key, even if you have Air Jump.

As of Beta 43: The above Technical Info is invalid. All warps now behave as Air Warps.

When your horizontal warp ends, there is a brief pause where you are unable to do any action. You should keep this in mind when attempting to act right after a warp.

The pause does not apply to Divekick when hitting the ground.

Horizontal Warps will hit a short range behind you.

The rebound from Divekick can be lessened by releasing the [JUMP] key after your Divekick connects.

Divekick will cancel if you collide with a Wall. This can leave you vulnerable to enemy attacks. If this happens, you can still act with Buzzsaw, Warp (If you have Air Warp+), or Air Jump.

ALT Mirrored Warp Mirrored Warp

Mirrored Warps are a type of Special Equipment. They are similar to a Warp, but makes a mirror of your warp in the opposite direction as well, effectively attacking both directions at once.

Name Tier
Mirrored WarpT3
Mimic T5

*2x is based on using Warp close enough that both warps hit

Possible Modifiers

  • Same as Warp Modifiers

Basic Info

This is a very good Warp for defensive players. It allows you to deal damage to enemies that you are warping away from, and it is quite effective with the classic Buzzsaw+Warp combo. ####Detailed Info Mirrored Warp doesn't have any special effects with Divekick.

The Mirrored Warp behaviour is as follows:

The mirror warp created will last until you stop Warping.
If the mirror warp hits a solid wall, it will disappear early. This doesn't affect your Warp. ####Technical Info Warping away from an enemy at close range can hit the enemy with both Warps. ###ALT Abiding Warp Abiding Warp series

Abiding Warps are a type of Special Equipment, that is similar to a Warp, but it leaves a trail of particles behind that damage any enemies that touch them.

There are currently 2 different types of these Warps. They differ in damage.

Name Tier
Residual WarpT2
Abiding Warp T4

*Particle Damage is based on half the damage of the Warp's displayed damage.

Possible Modifiers

  • Same as Warp Modifiers

Basic Info

It leaves a trail of sparkles that deal damage. It's very effective on large enemies or groups of enemies, or enemies that like to chase you. ####Detailed Info You can Warp left and right on the same spot to make a pseudo Duskwing 'Warp Field' trap. You can make it more concentrated or spread out by warping faster or slower. This can be useful in rooms where you know enemies will spawn or drop down, as you could do this at your party's frontlines to weaken enemies that try to approach your team. Just try not to get hit yourself while you're keeping it up. (Jump-Cancel into a Buzzsaw if you have to.)

This can be more effective with multiple Duskwings. (at least In theory, I haven't done this with multiple Duskwings myself.) ####Technical Info The trail of sparkles can make it hard to see projectiles and hazards.

A Speed modifier on these Warps will make the sparks less concentrated. This may lower the Warp's potential damage per warp on some enemies.

The damage of the sparks is based on half the damage of the your Warp's contact damage.
(Warp Damage is 30 = Sparks deal 15 Damage)

At least 1, 2, or 3 sparks will hit the enemy you are warping into.

3 Sparks with a Residual Warp hitting a single target is equal to an Aeon Warp's average damage range.
5 Sparks with a Residual Warp (even if all the damage hits for min damage) hitting a single target is pretty much guaranteed to do more total damage than an Aeon Warp.

However, a stronger Warp, like an Aeon Warp may be more suitable for specializing in Divekick damage, as the Sparks from Divekick will not hit the enemy that you rebound off, unless the enemy is moving upwards.

550 Lifetime results in a total of 10 sparks. Perhaps a spark is released every 55 timestep?

Mobility Equipment

Mobility Equipment are a type of Equipment

Below is a list of Mobility gear or boots that Duskwing is able to use.

ALT Trackers Trackers

Trackers are a type of Mobility Equipment. These increase her Movement Speed and Critical Chance as of beta 33. They are the regular Mobility equipment for a Duskwing.

Trackers come in the following tiers.

Name Tier
Trackers T1
Durable Trackers T2
Augmented Trackers T3
Reinforced TrackersT4
Resilient Trackers T5

Possible Modifiers

  • Jump Height: +5
  • Damage: +3%
  • Base Crit Damage: +0.5x

Basic Info

These are commonly found in regular chests. ####Detailed Info The Movement Speed and Crit Chance is helpful early in the game. Duskwing relies heavily on her Movement Speed to attack in the air. ####Technical Info None

ALT Empyreals Empyreals

Empyreals are a type of Mobility Equipment. They grant the ability to Air Jump, allowing you to jump again in the air.

Name Tier
Empyreals T2
Aeonic EmpyrealsT5

Possible Modifiers

  • Movement Speed: +5
  • Jump Height: +5
  • Armor: +2
  • Base Crit Damage: +0.5% (Aeonic Empyreals only)

As of Beta 34, Empyreals can no longer gain the following modifiers: Base Crit Chance: +2% and Base Crit Damage: +0.25%.

Basic Info

These are special boots that give you Air Jump. Air Jump allows you to do another jump while you're in the air. You can only do this once, until you touch the ground, or land a Divekick on an enemy.

These are great for Duskwings that like to fight in the air, or preventing falling into gaps. Empyreals work well with Duskwing, since she has high survivability by staying in the air. ####Detailed info Air Jumping will cancel your Buzzsaw attack.

If you've already used the Empyreal's Air Jump, you can refresh it by landing a successful Divekick. This will also reset your Extra Air Warp if you have one on your equipped Warp.

Technical Info

Empyreal Air Jumps will only reset if you land on the ground or divekick an enemy. Don't quick switch from Trackers to Empyreals in the air because you won't be able to air jump anyways. (might be possible to quickswitch and Divekick something to reset, need confirm(?))

Body Gear

Body Equipment are a type of Equipment

Below is a list of Body equipment that Duskwing is able to use.

ALT Hyrst Hyrst

Hyrsts are a type of Body Equipment, which increase Duskwing's Armor and Movement speed.

They come in the following tiers, with higher tiers having increased stats.

Name Tier
Hyrst T1
Durable Hyrst T2
Augmented Hyrst T3
Reinforced HyrstT4
Resilient Hyrst T5

Possible Modifiers

  • Movement Speed: +5
  • Base Crit Chance: +2%
  • Base Crit Chance: +2%
  • Base Crit Damage: +0.25x

Basic Info

Hyrsts for a Duskwing increase her Armor and Movement Speed. Duskwing doesn't have a lot of Armor in the first place, so picking up a Hyrst early on is useful. ####Detailed Info While the highest tier Hyrst you can find is the obvious choice to go for, you may want to settle for a Hyrst that has modifiers that boosts the other stats you want if you don't care too much about the loss of Armor/Movement Speed. The Base Crit Chance modifiers for Hyrsts can actually increase a late-game Duskwing's damage output by a significant amount. ####Technical Info Armor has some specific calculations of how it reduces damage. There's certain mechanics, like a maximum limit on how much damage Armor can reduce, and certain points where a difference of 1-3 points of Armor don't really do anything.

I haven't confirmed this information yet, as the calculation of Armor to Damage may have changed.

ALT Bandolier Bandolier Series

A Bandolier is a type of Body Equipment, which multiplies your Max Ammo limit while equipped, and allows you to collect more ammo from Ammo Pickups.

Name Tier
Bandolier T2
Double BandolierT4

Possible Modifiers

  • Max Ammo: +1

Basic Info

The Bandolier doubles or triples your Max Ammo, depending on what kind of Bandolier you find.

It is useful if you use Secondary weapons a lot, but it does not give any other stat boosts. It should be switched out for regular Body equipment if you stop using your Secondaries or run low.

You may not need this on a Duskwing, since she is capable of catching her Secondary weapons to refill her ammo. It seems to be better suited for the Wildfire and Ironclad, as Duskwing is incapable of spamming her Secondaries to fully utilize the Bandolier. ####Detailed Info If you intend on using a Bandolier, you should equip it before you enter a Dungeon or when picking up Ammo Pickups. After your current Ammo starts to get low, you should switch this out for your regular Armor.

The Bandolier synergizes well with the Calites that increase ammo, making Inferior Calites give +4~6 ammo instead. ####Technical Info Your Current ammo is lowered if you unequip a Bandolier. You could throw Secondaries first and unequip the Bandolier and catch back your thrown Secondaries to retain some of your ammo if needed. (?) You may want to do this with Simul/Simul Secondaries, and probably with a +range modifier if using Aescs.

ALT Berserker Berserker

A Berserker is a type of Body Equipment, that increases the amount of Damage you do. The drawback is that it lowers your Armor.

Name Tier
Berserker T3
Frenzied BerserkerT5

Possible Modifiers

  • Damage: +10% (Berserker Only)
  • Armor: +5 (Berserker Only)
  • Damage: +40% (Frenzied Berserker Only)
  • Armor: +10 (Frenzied Berserker Only)

Basic Info

The Berserker is a special Body equipment that increases your damage, but lowers your Armor.

Due to Duskwing's low Armor, your Armor will most likely drop to 0 with a Berserker equipped. Because of this Armor penalty, you should only use a Berserker if you are good at dodging attacks.

Detailed Info

Berserkers don't have Movement Speed like Hyrsts. Adjust your movements accordingly.

Technical Info

T5 Duskwing Armor Stat: +2 per tier (max 10)
Empy w/armor : +2
Reinforced Hyrst: +8
Inferior Armites: +10
Berserker w/ A modifier that makes Armor -15

T4 DW: 8 Armor
T5 DW, Armor Empy: 12 Armor
T5 DW, Armor Empy, T1 Armite: 22 Armor
T4 DW w/ Armor Empy, T4 Hyrst, T1 Armite: 28 Armor

T5 DW w/ Armor Empy, -15 Berserker, T1 Armite: 7 Armor (this reduces damage you take by 2.

Look, if you're going to use a Berserker on a Duskwing, just throw on a MaxHP Implant if you need still need some defensive properties. Armites aren't worth it.

Since your Damage is so high, if you want even more damage, you should settle for some Crit Implant, since crit related stats will multiply the already high damage.

pretending this is implant section

ALT Inferior Salites are a type of Equipment

Implants are items that can be equipped to boost a specific stat.

Implants are uncommon drops.

Tier 1 Implants have a chance to drop from T3 dungeons or higher.

Inferior Salites give +20 HP.
Inferior Armites give +10 Armor.

Name Stat
Inferior SalitesHP
Inferior ArmitesArmor
Inferior Emites Jump Height
Inferior DelitesCrit Chance
Inferior CalitesAmmo
Inferior BelitesDamage


stuff ####Basic Info doy ####Detailed Info derp ####Technical Info doh





Buzzsaw+Warp combo

in air


Modifier + Direction


in air

Modifier + Down (Repeat)

Release Modifier whenever changing direction

Platform Dive

Down + Jump

Modifier + Down

Platform Move

Modifier + Down (Divekick)

Modifier + Direction (if moving left or right)

Jump (Before leaving ground)

repeat as needed

Leech Warp

Direction toward enemy HOLD

Modifier HOLD


Tap Direction away from enemy based on x distance. (repeat from attack)

Altered Jinx Kick unnamed tech intensive input no practical use

HOLD Modifier

Down (Divekick)

Release Jump

Attack (repeat from divekick)

Release Modifier whenever changing direction


Modifiers displayed are shown in order of my recommendation.
In that example, look for anything with Leech. If you find a skein with leech&spin, and another with leech&extrahit, then use the Leech&extrahit since its closer to on the left side.
##Typical Duskwing Loadout

  • MAIN: Placeholder
  • SECOND: Placeholder
  • SPECIAL: Preferred Warp
  • MOBILITY: Placeholder
  • BODY: Placeholder
  • IMPLANT: Placeholder

Ice's Typical Starting/Rebuilding Loadout

  • MAIN: Any Skein (Leech/Extra Hit/SpinTime)
  • SECOND: Any (Kulbeda)
  • SPECIAL: Any (Speed/Time/Air Warp)
  • MOBILITY: Empyreals
  • BODY: Any
  • IMPLANT: Any
  • Skein with Leech, Extra Hit, Spintime if possible (Defensive ExLeech Skein)
  • Kulbeda with Time, Speed, Simul if possible (Long-Range Support)
  • Warp with Air Warps if not on main Warp (Scouting Level)
  • Warp with Speed&Time if not on main Warp (High Mobility)
  • Aeon Warp (Divekick spamming Warp)

I usually keep an ExLeech Skein, an Empyreal, and a High Tiered Warp (hopefully with Speed/Time/AirWarp) in my Storage for rebuilding.

Empyreals give you Air Jump, and a strong enough Warp should give you enough power to 1 shot most of the monsters in Fire Forest, so you can get yourself whatever replacement gear you can from running easier dungeons quickly. If you don't have any of that stuff, just run Fire Forest or other dungeons with a group until you get some gear and a Skein with Leech.

I usually do Elite Fire Forest until I get an ExLeech Skein, and then I can put my good ExLeech back into my storage. Sometimes I'll do eFF for a decent Warp, but I tend to settle for any Warp with Speed. The main priority is to farm for another ExLeech. An ExLeech Skein is important, because of how much longer you can survive with one.

Once I have an ExLeech Skein, I hunt for Empyreals from Vanquished. The Vanquished Boss becomes much easier to survive with ExLeech, and is even doable solo. (provided you are an experienced Duskwing, do not try to solo the Vanquished Boss if you do not know how to dodge) I keep doing Vanquished until I get an Empyreal, so I can put my good Empys back in the storage. Air Jump is important because it gives Duskwing more options to avoid danger, and attack enemies.

After that, I usually go to Fungus Cave to hunt for a Polychrome Skein. A Leech skein makes it easier to survive in FC if HP doesn't drop for whatever reason, and Empyreals prevent you from falling to death if you're clumsy. You can solo FC without these items If you're good enough though, all you really need is a Skein with enough damage to take out the flying enemies with a simple Buzzsaw. The Polychrome Skein has a very powerful Buzzsaw, even with no modifiers, and is great for killing enemies quickly.

I usually focus on maxing my stats to T4 at this point, and then work on getting the rest of my gear. I may run some of the above dungeons a couple more times if I'm not satisfied with the current modifiers.

Ice's Preferred Duskwing Lategame Loadout

  • MAIN: Polychrome Skein (Spintime/Crit Chance/Crit Damage/Leech)
  • SECOND: Kulbeda (Simultaneus+2/Time/Speed)
  • SPECIAL: Abiding Warp (Speed/Time/Air Warp)
  • MOBILITY: Empyreals (Armor/Movement Speed/Jump Height)
  • BODY: Reinforced Hyrst (Movement Speed/Crit Chance/Crit Damage)
  • IMPLANT: HP or Armor
  • ExLeech Skein (Leech/Extra Hit/Spintime/Crit Chance)
  • Stonebow (Penetrating/Range/Bounce/Bounce)
  • Baetyl (Simul/Simul/Range/Crit Chance)
  • SpinTime Skein (Skein for longer Buzzsaws, if not already on main skein)
  • Any Warp with Speed/Time if not on Abiding/another warp (Defensive Warp)
  • Any Warp with Air Warp if not on Abiding/another warp (For scouting levels)
  • Mirrored Warp (Situational?)
  • Aesc with Simultaneous+2/Range/Speed if possible (Backup for open areas)
  • Gnawing Aesc with Simultaneous+2/Crit Chance/Crit Damage if possible (Bossing Aesc)

The Polychrome Skein has great burst damage with its Buzzsaw attack, and is my main method of attack.
An ExLeech Skein gives you a huge advantage in certain fights. The ability to recover HP is extremely useful for surviving.
A Bow is nice to carry if you have one. It's a long range alternative that comes in handy when you want to keep your distance.
A Baetyl can also be another ranged weapon alternative, but I find them hard to use, unless it has good modifiers. I usually take either a Bow, or a Baetyl as my ranged Main weapon, as carrying 2 alternative ranged weapons is a bit unnecessary.
Abiding Warp is one of my favourite Warps, but it can be difficult to find one with good modifiers.
Mirrored Warp is useful too, but like I said, it can be difficult to find one with good modifiers. I still keep any warps that have Time/Speed/Air Warp for utility purposes. I usually don't use Warps as a method of attack.
Kulbeda is my favourite secondary because of its long range. I tend to use it as an opening attack, to weaken enemies a little bit, making them easier to finish off. With Time/Speed modifiers,
I still keep an Aesc with me for situations where a Kulbeda isn't as effective.
Gnawing Aescs are used for fighting bosses or tougher enemies. I tend to not have one, due to the fact that I dislike doing the Strands dungeon.

Offensive Burst Duskwing

  • MAIN: Polychrome/Motley
  • SPECIAL: Mirrored Warp/Mimic (Speed/Air Warp)
  • MOBILITY: Empyreals

This is a setup for inflicting high amounts of damage in a short time frame. The idea is to attack enemies with buzzsaw and stay close to them by doing short warps. The Poly/Motley's Buzzsaw deals high damage, and then warping away at close range with a Mirrored/Mimic Warp will hit the enemy with both warps. By warping away only a short distance, you can get back into buzzsaw range faster, and repeat the attacks.

Speed and Air Warp would be preferred, so you can end the warp faster.


Description placeholder . Jump-Buzzsaw Combo (Using Buzzsaw immediately after a jump) This is a basic combo, of using a Jump and following up immediately with a Buzzsaw.

Despite the simplicity, this is a very common action to get used to.

Make sure you do the input properly though, or you'll end up jumping into an enemy without buzzsaw. . Jump-Cancel (Using a Jump to cancel an action This technique lets you cancel an action by pressing the jump key. It's mostly useful for cancelling a Skein-type grounded attack.

Jump-Cancel is more effective if you follow up immediately with a Buzzsaw. . Warp-Cancel
Warp-Cancel is a technique that uses the Warp attack to cancel an action. In this case, Warp-Cancelling can be done with all Skein-type attacks.

It's a little trickier to do than a Jump-Cancel, as you have to press 2 buttons quickly.

Basic ~Buzzsaw-Warp Combo (buzzsaw to warp combo ~Attack-Cancel (using warp or jump to cancel) ~Jump-Attack (Attacking and moving with stonebow/baytl Advanced ~Jump-Cancel (Releasing jump to cancel upward movement, mainly used for divekick) ~Ranged-Combo (Using the downtime from bows/baetyl for additional attacks) ~Edge-Divekick (Divekicking successfully when at the left or right side of enemy) ~Buzzsaw-Reset (Using warp input to reset buzzsaw early to restart it) Testinglist

Platform Dive
Moving with Warp
ExLeech explanation
Stuff about combos with attacks that go well together
What to do with specific enemies



stuff ####Basic Info doy ####Detailed Info derp ####Technical Info a

Possible modifiers Template

  • name
  • name

Priority list testing

Damage, Crit Chance, or Crit Damage?

To increase your DPS, it can sometimes be a bit difficult to figure out what exactly will make you do more damage.

Damage is pretty basic. It increases your damage by the percentage shown for all of your attacks.

Crit Chance increases the chance of dealing critical hits, and multiplies your damage by your Crit Damage multiplier.

Crit Damage increased the damage of your critical hits when they occur.

So which one is better? Well, honestly, it's more about how your Duskwing currecntly is right now.

In the early stages of a Duskwing, her Crit Chance and Crit Damage is abysmally low. You will find that Criticals are impossible or simply too weak to actually do anything. 1.4x base crit damage is pretty subpar. Equipment that increase criticals are very weak at this stage and are simply not worth using. a 5%+ crit chance modifier on your weapon will only increase your average damage by 7%. And both Crit chance and Crit Daamge on your weapon will only increase your average damage by 17%.

However later on, when a Duskwing is nicely developed in her stats, her criticals start becoming very powerful. A Tier 5 duskwing has 5.4x Crit damage and 7.5% Crit chance simply from her stats. Ats at this point where criticals actually can make a huge difference.

On a Tier 5 Duskwing, It's generally better to opt for Crit Chance Mods over Crit Damage mods.The 5% Crit chance mods on weapons actually contribute a significant amount of damage now. (27% more damage on average), while the 2x Crit Damage contributes a little bit too. (15% more damage on average) Also, both the Crit Chance +5% and Crit Damage 2x mods on the same weapon will bring your natural (40.5% extra damage from crits) to (92.5% extra damage from your crits), or (52% more Crit damage on average from both mods-note recheck math just to make sure Maybe its actually 37% more damage?)

Extra damage from Criticals calculations

0.075% * 5.4 = 40.5% (Base stats)
0.125% * 5.4 = 67.5% (Base stats + Crit Chance 5%)
0.075% * 7.4 = 55.5% (Base stats + Crit Damage 2x)
0.125% * 7.4 = 92.5% (Base stats + Crit Chance 5% + Crit Damage 2x)

In my opinion, I would prefer Crit Chance Modifiers over Crit Damage modifiers, because usually, when you crit on a Duskwing, whatever you're critting is probably gonna die. Criticals also ignore enemy armor, so honestly, Crit Chance is the way to go. The only exception to this rule is if you're running enough Crit Chance Modifiers on your gear (such as from Hyrst modifiers/Delite Implants) and your Crit Chance being high enough that stacking Damage or Crit Damage has more of an impact. Most Duskwings run an HP implant though.

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