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JJdapro2234's guide to Fabricator

Hi, I'm JJdapro2234,as you probably guessed from the title. This guide is all about Fabricator, or Fab, for short, the most versatile shell in the game! You can do so many things with Fab, block projectiles like an Ironclad, gun down enemies like Wildfire, and even “warp” like a Duskwing! However you need to be level 7 to access it.

Fab's Main Weapon: The DANCER!

Fab's tiered weapon is called the Dancer. It's quite simple to use, actually. Just hold down D, (or whatever you use for firing) and release on top of the enemy. A little thing called the seed will shoot out of the Dancer. When you release, it will explode into a full sized Dance.
Here is a list of all the modifiers a Dancer can have, in order of rank:

  • Cycletime: This heavily increases damage. It reduces the time it takes for a dance to do damage. You can stack two of these for insane damage. The lower your cycletime is, the better.
  • Range: Range increases range, letting your shots go further. Nuff' said.
  • Seeking: This allows dances to home in on enemies Always have a seeking on hand, even if it's trashy. They're useful to get enemies in weird corners. Oh, and sometimes seeking can go through walls! Need I say more?
  • +1/2 Dances: Only come on trinity series and gavotte series. They increase dances, and comboed with seeking can create death fields. Prepare for things to disintegrate!
  • 5% crit chance: increases damage rate. Equivalent to Armor Piercing.
  • 2x crit damage: same as above
  • Radius: Only comes on the trinity series. It increases spread, but not helpful when you need dps. It's meh.


Prototype Gavotte

Cycletime: 250
Range: 420
Dances: 14
Damage: 9-12

Amazing damage, huge spread, and seeking to boot. Get it from an elite strands boss.

A note on Dancers

You can only have 2 seeds out at a time,so make sure you keep track. You never know if an enemy wil appear… until it's too late. Also, there are three other series of dancers. Trinity has shurikens orbiting the dance (includes trinity and volta). Gavotte, with telson and gavotte, sppread out their dances. Quickstep is an auutomatic weapon.

Droning about Drones

That's an awful joke, but it is true that Fabricator's secondary is a drone. It's called the antiphon, and it flies like an actual drone does. Except it has a cannon. The antiphon is a good weapon to clear waves of enemies, but it can be destroyed by enemy projectiles. However, this means that they can be used for retreating as well. If you need to escape, pop one down and let it distract your pursuer.

How do I use the antiphon?

Click your secondary button. Your aim will become fixed and a flare will appear in your hand. You will not be able to move, so make sure there are no enemies within range! Then, the antiphon will appear, flying in the direction you summoned it, for a set period of time, shooting blue bullets at whatever is near it. There's another version, Mangonel, which stays in the same place. Anyways, here's a list of modifiers for antiphon!

  • Quick Summon: Cuts down summoning time. Extremely helpful for dodging bullets that you didn't see.
  • Armored: Negates damage, letting the antiphon fly farther in high population areas. Also lets you reclaim it easier.
  • Penetrating: Great for even bigger swathes of enemies. Lets shots go through enemies. (If Antiphons had Bounce+1 it would be awesome!)
  • +2000 lifetime: Let's it stay out for longer. More time=More damage
  • Blockers+1/2: Adds a blocker, which negates projectiles. Sounds cool on paper, but it sucks, because what goes up goes down.




Quick Summon



+2000 lifetime

This looks like it does less damage than a normal antiphon. However, whispered is part of the silent series, and they shoot 5 times faster than the standard ones! So, they will clear waves more efficiently, instead of leaving some behind that you have to manually clear. It's also good for dealing damage to large bosses, like Polaris (strands boss) and the frozen blight boss, due to armored and +2000 lifetime.

The Macron

This is not a boss, this is Fab's special, the macron. This is what makes Fab so versatile. It creates a floating platform, that can then be used for offense and defense, blocking projectiles or laying traps. But how do you even use it? A: Press shift, and then in the direction you want to go, press the arrow key. It will instantly teleport you on top of the macron.

Uses of the Macron

Defense: You can use the macron to shield your teammates from devastating bullets. Keep in mind, though, you need to have shielded in order to do this. For example, in elite Frozen Blight, the boss shoots out a fireball/shuriken/axe that does huge damage to squishy shells. Pop down a shielded and any fireball that touches it disappears!

Offense: Macrons explode on contact with enemies or when the duration goes to zero, leaving three huge explosions (they already have the trisected attribute). Use this to deal damage to enemies that move in regular patterns. Just throw one where it will be, and watch as it drives itself into the macron… and explode spectacularly.

Mobility: As I said, you teleport onto macrons, letting you dodge bullets and also move super fast. Equivalent to a Wildfire's blast.

Support: Fab is a support shell, and most of the time you will be supporting your buddies.You can place down a macron to help your teammates with tough jumps, block a projectile from killing off a duskwing, or destroy an aerial attacker. I promise you, it will pay off if you take a few seconds to help a shell.

Sound the trumpets, here are the modifiers!

  • Simultaneous: this lets you have two macrons out at the same time, increasing mobility and defense.
  • Shielded: as previously said, anny projectile that touches it disappears. However, if a projectile that has an aftereffect animation, like goblings in ff, touches the top, then the animation will still play. As such make sure it touches the side!!!
  • Shrapnel+5: shoots out more projectiles at a further range.Useful for setting a trap.
  • +2000 duration: Lets the macron sit for longer. Not good for offense. This is where you draw the line between an offensive playstyle or a defensive one.
  • Armor pierce: increases damage.
  • Incendiary: sets the world on fire. Literally.

Macron Series

There are also some other series of macrons. Tiered are the normal ones, while mechanized move by thselves. Mechanized also have higher damage, making them good for offense as torpedoes. Blink shoots out a compressed macron that explodes into a full sized one when it touches a wall.


Prototype composite macron

Damage 35-50



Shrapnel +5

Duration +1000 or Armor Piercing 100%

Insane damage, god mobility, and blocks projectiles. It may be hard to farm, as you need to go to Elite graveyard or Elite temple of the lost to get it. Both are incredibly hard missions.

Note: This is currently the best reasonably tiered macron, due to the rarity of star cathedrals. If you get a prototype devoted, you've hit the jackpot.

Mobility Time!

Fab has four mobility choices, lightfoot, valenki, boosters, and gliders.

  • Lightfoot: Lightfoot is an exotic that reduces gravity, making it easier to jump higher. get it from starbreak:Graveyard.
  • Valenki: The tiered mobility for fab. Gives you both armor and speed.
  • Boosters: Lets you jet upwards at a high acceleration for a short period of time. Helpful in places where you might fall, like Star Cathedral or Strands. You can get a normal one from Underground Base, but there is a super effective one, ironically, in Star Cathedral.
  • Gliders: Lets you traverse large gaps. Allows you to glide and boost upwards by a little bit (overstatement). Heavily increases your mobility, but doesn't help that much with upward movement. Beginners may prefer this one as you can get it from Vanquished. Again, a more effective one can be found in Star Cathedral.


Overloaded Boosters:

  • Acceleration: 600
  • Duration: 750
  • +5 Jump height
  • +5 Movement Speed
  • +5 Armor

Note: this is still a draft in progress

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