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 +====== Dancer ======
 +The **Dancer** weapon for the Fabricator is the first weapon you will start with when entering the new shell. More info on the Fabricator shell can be found [[starbreak:​fabricator|Here]]. The Dancer weapon cannot have modifiers, as it is the starting weapon. The Dancer is apart of the Dancer series of weapons for the fabricator. Dancers shoot bullets or projectiles creating single fields, called dances, that deal continuous damage over time to all enemies within this certain field. More info on the Dancer weapon series can be found [[starbreak:​fabricator_equipment|Here]]
 +**Dancer'​s Default Stats:**\\
 +• Damage: **3-6**\\
 +• Range: **300**\\
 +• Duration: **1000**\\
 +• Cycle Time: **150**\\
 +• **The dancer weapon cannot have modifiers**
 +**All info on the Fabricator shell and the Dancer weapon series was found around the [[index|Starbreak Wiki]]**
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